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Ahad, 5 September 2010

Pameran Teknologi Ketenteraan Iran

Aku Harap Pihak Malaysia (Stride, Unversiti Malaysia, GLC Malaysia Dan ATM) Joint Venture Dengan Pihak Iran (Secepat yang Mungkin Sebab Aku Berminat Dengan Produk Iran (Malek-Ashtar University [Aviation University Complex (AUC)] Dan Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (IAMI/IAMCO/HESA/HASA)

Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (IAMI/IAMCO/HESA/HASA)

Malek-Ashtar University Of Technology)

IAMI Shafagh, Shafaq

Shafaq is an advanced Light Attack/Trainer aircraft designed by the Aviation University Complex (AUC), part of the Malek Ashtar University of Technology. At the start of the program Iran received help from Russia and the aircraft was back then known as ''Integral'', Russia later backed away from this project due to several reasons and Iran carried on the project by itself and the aircraft became known as ''Shafaq''.

The Shafaq is a sub-sonic aircraft, made of radar-absorbing material. It has a large leading edge root extension (LERX) and a root aft of the wing which gives it an unusual circular sub-section. A 1/7 scale model of the Shafaq has already completed testing in the AUC's wind tunnel and pictures have already been revealed which show that a Full-scale model has already been built. The Shafaq will be built in several variants which include a Two-Seater Trainer, Two-Seater Light Attack and a One-Seater Light Attack variant. Roll-out of the first prototype is scheduled for 2008

The female engineer behind some of it:

The Shafagh's advanced cockpit features color MFDs and a Russian-made K-36D ejection seat - once considered by the US to be used on the F-22 Raptor

The M-ATF was the original collaborated project between Iran and Russia, derived from the Integral concept. When the Russians left the program, Iran dropped the program for a simplified variation, which was later named Shafaq. This was not the end of the M-ATF, however. Suspicious were aroused when a model of the M-ATF was shown at Kish 2005 next to the Shafaq model. Now, several independent and varied sources have claimed that Iran has revived the M-ATF and is developing it independently. At the current time, however, there is no confirmation or evidence that would back such claims. More likely Iran is using features and design traits from the M-ATF in the design of the single seat fighter variant of the Shafaq. Possibly, this could result in a fused together M-ATF and Shafaq hybrid, which would not

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